Facetime for Samsung video call s8, galaxy s8.

By | July 10, 2020

Facetime for Samsung video call s8, galaxy s8. You can experience a video call with your friend on an android device. But you cannot have a facetime as it is restricted only to Apple users. If you are using Samsung galaxy s8 then, you must follow the steps to make a video call.

Being an android user, you can make a video call to anyone. Even if they are non-android users, you can still make a video call.

Facetime for Samsung

Facetime For Samsung

You need to save the number of the person you want to video call.

After savings the number, you need to see whether the green video calling icon is showing up or not.

If you can see a green video calling icon next to the number you have saved, then you need to tap on that icon.

The green video calling icon is a sign that the other user can have a facetime with you.

After that, you need to tap on the green icon to have a facetime for Samsung galaxy s8.

If you already have saved the number of the person you want to have a facetime for Samsung then, go to the contact lists.

Then you tap on the contact you want to have a facetime. It will show you the green icon if the other user is a Samsung galaxy s8 user.

After he agrees to have a facetime, then both of you can experience the facetime for Samsung with mist exciting features.

Facetime for android 

Features Of Facetime For Samsung

When you are in the middle of a call with another person and if someone tries to video call you then you have three options.

Either you stay on the current line and make the other person wait. Or you can hang up the current line and accept the other incoming call. Or you can keep the current person on hold and accept the other incoming call.

While in a facetime, you will get several options such as switch camera, mute, hide me, decline, end call, etc. These options will help you to have a better experience on facetime without any kind of distractions.

Facetime app download

You can also come across with an option of turning on or off the video camera. If you are in a facetime and something urgent comes up, then you can turn off the camera and still have the conversation.

Facetime for Samsung


Basically, there are many Samsung users in the world. Definitely, this is one of the most trusted brands of all time and people love it. They have flagship phones as well as mid-range phones. That makes the versatility go more and Samsung phones make more sales. Facetime is also as popular and many Samsung users want to use it. There would be no problem if the intentions are right.

Facetime has so many features that other video calling platforms don’t have. In my opinion, everybody deserves to use it and have fun so why leave alone the Samsung users? Hence, downloading Facetime and using it is undoubtedly a great idea and you shouldn’t think twice before doing it.

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