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By | July 2, 2020

Facetime for Android Apk Download Free [Updated Version]: Whether it be the US, UK, or any other country, people all over the globe just can’t resist loving Facetime. Being the winner of hearts, Facetime app has ruled an era and will continue to do so when it comes to audio and video calling.

Facetime for Android

Technology has advanced and with time we need to accept the fact that Facetime is something we need more than anything right now. With the pandemic around, things have just begun to worsen. Families are not allowed to meet each other for months and we don’t know how long this will continue.

Facetime for Android Download

Therefore, Facetime can be your way out. As we all know, Facetime is something that is exclusively available for iOS users. This makes the whole process a bit difficult. The encrypting and decrypting part usually takes a long time. Our developers have worked day and night to find you a way out and they have finally found it. With the process provided below, one can easily download and install Facetime for their android device.

Facetime is a part of Apple’s ecosystem and therefore is not available on Google Play store. Therefore, when you come across any application in the play store named ‘Facetime’ make sure to avoid it. It might be some sketchy application or some thread to your device. One can always go for the alternatives available in the market. However, these alternatives won’t help you connect to the Facetime apps on the iOS devices.

It is definitely a heartbreaking story but with the resources available with us, we won’t let you break your heart with this. We have provided a detailed explanation of things that you need to do in order to install the Facetime application on your android device.

Facetime App Download

Facetime for Android

How to Download Facetime for Android?

We the steps mentioned below, the process to download facetime for android will become easier for you. Just make sure you don’t omit any of the steps mentioned, therefore taking care of them all.

  1. Download the apk. the file mentioned in the link below.
  2. Once the apk. the file is downloaded, go to settings and then application and enable ‘Third-party applications’.
  3. With this, you can easily install the apk. the file we have provided.
  4. Once done with it, you need to install the Facetime for Android file and wait for it to get installed.
  5. After that, all you need to do is make sure you have a legit id to login with and you’re ready to go.


Facetime for Android

Apart from it, you need to make sure you have adequate data availability and memory shape in your device to continue using the application.

The process is easier and will help you connect with your mates via Facetime. However, it is necessary to make sure that both the parties have a Facetime application to do connect via video calling.

Mention below if you need help with anything related to Facetime application. We will get back to you.

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